Advance Report – 2010

An RE website has been developed by Gwen Zanin. The website has been available since this past fall at Curriculum developed by Marsha Holliday has been posted and is free. Marsha has also included a section addressing teaching essentials. Teachers can look up curriculum by topic, as well as use Herndon Friends Meeting lending library through the web site. The RE Committee will pay for postage of materials sent to various meetings. As time passes we plan to add to the site. We welcome ideas, and there is a link to the administrators of the website so that those ideas can be posted on the site.

Marsha Holliday is developing guidelines to protect the safety of a Meeting’s children when the Meeting has an attender with a history as a sex offender. The Committee hopes to post the guidelines on our website as a resource to BYM Meetings.

We will reinstate scholarships to assist First Day school teachers and teachers from Friend’s Schools. We will offer nine $100 scholarships to help defray costs for attending BYM summer (August) sessions. Sarah Buchanan-Wollaston is overseeing this endeavor.

John Stevens has agreed to be a Friendly Religious Education Consultant this year at BYM Annual Session. He will be focusing on Internet use to help bond and support Quakers in religious education efforts.

In the coming year we hope to spotlight different monthly meetings’ Religious Education Committees, touching on ideas Meetings have found to be successful or special challenges they have met. These articles would serve not only to illuminate some of the wonderful people working across BYM, but also provide a source of good ideas and overall awareness of the vital role that religious education plays in our monthly meetings. They will be submitted to the Interchange.

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