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2011 Annual Session Scholarships

Scholarships to attend Annual Session Available!

In an ongoing effort to support the important work of First Day School (FDS) teachers and committee members in local Meetings as well as teachers in Friends Schools the BYM RE committee is offering Scholarships of $100 each toward Annual Session fees this summer!

The scholarships are offered to Friends who have put a minimum of 10 hours over the past 12 months into the following commitments –

  1. serving on a BYM local Meeting RE committee,
  2. serving as a First Day School teacher in their local Meeting, or
  3. are currently teachers or administrators employed at a Friends School.

The RE Committee has long been aware that families have been bearing the expense of attending Annual Session. These scholarships are the Committee’s way of supporting those who put forth an extra effort in their communities by being involved in Friends Religious Education.

TO APPLY: complete the form and send it to:
Sarah Buchanan-Wollaston
2518 Silver Road
Darlington, MD 21034

Application deadline: June 15, 2011

Applicants will be notified of the RE committee action on their applications no later than June 20, 2011.  We will also notify the Yearly Meeting office, which will apply the scholarships as a credit to recipients’ balance for attending Annual Session this summer.

Each person applying for a scholarship must send a separate form.

Applications will be reviewed on a first received, first served basis.

Thank you for being involved with Friends Religious Education!

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Advance Report – 2010

An RE website has been developed by Gwen Zanin. The website has been available since this past fall at http://sites.google.com/site/bymreligioused/home. Curriculum developed by Marsha Holliday has been posted and is free. Marsha has also included a section addressing teaching essentials. Teachers can look up curriculum by topic, as well as use Herndon Friends Meeting lending library through the web site. The RE Committee will pay for postage of materials sent to various meetings. As time passes we plan to add to the site. We welcome ideas, and there is a link to the administrators of the website so that those ideas can be posted on the site. Continue reading

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Visioning Report

1) Looking at your committee description in the BYM Manual of Procedure: What is the most meaningful, enduring or vital part of your committee’s charge? Where is the energy, the Spirit, in it?

We hope to be a conduit which provides education and support for RE teachers. We will provide an environment in which information can be shared among RE Friends, consequently nurturing teachers and inspiring connection. Continue reading

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